Potato Corner, the first and the original Flavored French Fries prides itself in being a Global Brand that serves the best-flavored fries to its customers, and by providing limitless opportunities for its Franchisees.

In the celebration of our 24th year, Potato Corner embodied the theme: Championing The Game, which essentially means working our hardest to ensure that we provide quality products to our customers and excellent service to our franchisees.

Our Cheese, Barbecue, and Sour Cream flavored fries have been a staple snack for many Filipinos, as well as our friends around the world. It is our standard to maintain top quality French Fries with the right crispiness and texture, which is then shaken to perfection with the customer’s preferred flavor. It is because of our customers that we are able to succeed as a brand.

We take pride in giving our franchisees an opportunity to grow with us; we make sure that we work hand-in-hand with them in ensuring that their branches reach optimum sales while maintaining the quality of products and services that we provide our most loyal customers. With this, we make sure that as we grow, our franchisees grow with us.