Potato Corner is open to franchising in different countries. To know how to franchise, please see the Franchising Process.
Franchises for new territories start with a 3-store package.

After opening 3 successful stores, you may decide to apply for the exclusivity rights for the entire territory. A development plan for the territory for the next 5-10 years must be presented by the Applicant.
The Franchise Fee will depend on the franchise agreement that will be entered by the Franchisee and Franchisor after submission of all necessary documents.
The initial investment per store starts at US $70,000* depending on your territory.

*Note that this is an indicative figure of the initial investment which includes permits and other government requirements, store design and construction, equipment and small wares, training, and initial supplies.

Price may vary during the actual processing of application. The applicant will undertake his/her own study on the setup costs based on the mall requirements, government and health requirements, and the market environment of the territory being applied for.
The following must also be considered:

• Legal Fees
• Leasing Fees
• Translation Fees (when applicable)
• Food Authority (or similar agencies)-related Fees (when applicable)
• Customs / Importation Brokerage Fees
• Local Marketing
• Hiring of Staff
• Other costs / fees related to local regulations and laws
Yes! We believe that successful entrepreneurs are those who know their business well – inside and out. We would like to set up our franchisees for success by guiding them on how to make their new business venture a success. Our franchisees will be trained to equip them with extensive knowledge and skills on Potato Corner products and operations.
You may schedule your visit to the Potato Corner head office via email (shakeworldwide@potatocorner.com) after submitting your Letter of Intent and Application Form.


For franchise inquiries for the US, you may contact our US office via 1 (800) 565 1114 or contactus@PotatoCornerUSA.com.
To know more information, do visit http://potatocornerusa.com/own-a-store/.


For franchise inquiries for Thailand, you may contact our Master Franchisee via pong@rocks.co.th and nack@rocks.co.th.


For franchise inquiries for Indonesia, you may email info@potatocorner.co.id or call the hotline +62821.888.16898.