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Can we get a "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!" for this? 

We know how much everybody anticipated our Truffle flavor, and we are more than thankful that y'all patiently waited! At headquarters, there was already a lot of excitement surrounding the flavor. Because we ourselves at HQ could not resist this flavor! Whenever a fresh batch would come out of the test kitchens, the fries would magically disappear-- as if someone just inhaled them! 

We were overjoyed when initial reception was positive at our 25th Anniversary Party in October 2017, where we let guests have a preview of the new flavor. Seeing the guests gobble down on their fries within seconds, and hearing delighted squeals from our little guests brought us much hope that you all would like this flavor.

When Rappler featured our new flavor, the twittersphere went wild and we got tons of excited inquiries about when the new flavor would be out in the market. 


Good things take time, and we're thankful for all of you guys who waited for this! Now, what is our truffle flavor like? It's got a slightly garlicky and deep musky aroma, with a savory creaminess, and a kick of butter. It's a mysteriously addicting treat. It feels as if you're escaping to a fantasy treasure land. It’s just irresistible, simple as that. And no, we didn't say that just because it's admin writing this.


We got our friends from the media and our beloved influencer friends to try out the newest flavor, and glowing reviews everywhere, we must say! 












The good news? Truffle is now available in all company owned stores in Metro Manila, and as we write this, it's on its way to nationwide domination! Please check back often with your neighborhood Potato Corner outlet, and let them know how excited you are to try this. Be sure to follow us on social media as well, so that you can be the first to know about availability updates. 

Truffle starts at Php39 for regular, and will be here for a limited time only. Be sure to taste the treasure before it's gone!