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Last March 11, wrestling gods and icons battled it out to the championship rounds at Philippine Wrestling Revolution's Path Of Gold 2018. Wrestling fans were literally hanging onto their seats at match of the century. Among all the fighters, the bravest fighter is actually our own Spudster! Who knew? Check out this highlights video to see what went on! 

That day, our events team was busy at work, preparing fresh fries for the hungry spectators. For those who want a cart like this for special occasions, just check out the events tab here on our website to learn more!

Somehow, fries got eaten up faster than usual with the all the intense, teeth clenching moments that went on. With all the unexpected comebacks of beloved wrestlers, whether from hiatus or injury, fans were excited to see what new tricks these wrestlers had up their sleeves.  

Wrestling fans of all ages enjoyed their favorite Potato Corner flavors. With all the things thrown that day, from chairs, to ladders, even to bottle gourd (upo), we're thankful no one got hit with our fries! 

We also did a bodyslam challenge! If you survive three bodyslams, one each from 3 of the heavyweight wrestlers, you get Php5000 in gift certificates! The first challenger, Lance, was able to live through the bodyslams, and was awarded the prize. Thank you still to all the folks who volunteered! 

And of course, this event gave birth to new memes on our Twitter account.