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Thank you Twitterverse, for making 2017 memorable for us! We kinda did take a hiatus, and when we got back, we made many memories with our fans. It's honestly been a heartwarming thing for us to be able to connect with fans in a very organic way. 

We'll admit it, we've been stalking your tweets about us on Twitter, much like an overjealous girlfriend. But thus far, seeing daily tweets about Potato Corner cravings and compliments we never knew could exist, our hearts are full of joy at headquarters. Thank you, everyone, for your love and support! 

So, to recap, here are some of the most well loved tweets of ours from 2017! 

 1.) When this very unlikely duo happened

2.) Because of admin's wishful thinking one night

3.) #LookWhatYouMadeMeShakeItOff

4.) When we asked people what their favorite flavor was and they basically chose all the flavors... 5.) When we dabbled into starter packs... 6.) Yes, we went there. 7.) We're waiting for what viral nursery rhyme 2018 might bring... 8.) When we touched scientific people's hearts: 9.) When we greeted awesome people on a very special milestone. 10.) When we raised a lil more awareness about mental health (although we know there's still a long way to go) 11.) When we learned about people's priorities:


We're looking forward to a lot of good plot twists on Twitter this 2018. Thank you to all the witty and awesome people who made our Twitter account fun and interesting in 2017. We look forward to more of your wit this 2018!

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