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We ended 2017 great and started 2018 with a bang because of all your love and support for our new product! We're excited that a lot of the members of press and media are pleased with our Sweet Potato fries. We're also very thankful to our media partners for getting the word out! 

Here's a super short recap of the bloggers event we did last November 2017. 


If we have anyone to thank for the miracle of Potato Corner Sweet Potato fries, it would be our girl boss Kris Aquino (Nacho Bimby is our brother brand, so Kris is also our girl boss in a way). She got a taste of this in Thailand, pleaded with the Philippine team to bring it in, and the rest is history. Yaaaaaas, Kween. 

We invited Rappler to our 25th anniversary party, and we are very thankful to them for getting the word out! The verdict on our sweet potato fries? "While the thought of sweet fries might raise some eyebrows, there is just the right hint of saltiness to even the flavors out.

We also had the laugh of our lives when Okay Fight Creatives did a hilarious Blindfold Taste Test of our products. To those who were wondering, nothing was scripted. We (from HQ) were also ROFL-ing with all their reactions. 


Thank you, too,  Yummy, for the feature! 



And thank you to our lovely guests who graced our bloggers event! 

Much love to our girl Kiray for coming over, and bringing very cute companions as well. 








So, what are you waiting for? Try it today! Coming to stores near you this January 2018 at Php119 per Jumbo cup.