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In comparing test #2 single plane with a 1050 Dominator and a 4 hole tapered spacer vs a 6 pack (dual plane) that had some older flow improvements. We then tested a 1-inch open spacer and a 2-inch open spacer Re: Dyno Test Spacers Open versus 4-hole My 540, similar to yours, but 12. Gasket thicker gasket: 29 Sep 2012 The final spacer in this test is a 2” tall 'tapered' spacer. The kit includes: 602 Crate Motor Carb (item WCD80541-1) 1" Dual Plane Spacer (item WCD81503) Jan 08, 2007 · The open spacer instead of a 4 holed one is what i would suggest. I think independently we came up with the same assessment: It's different, but it's a carb spacer. Note: Intake is actually the earlier F-351 4V version but appears identical to the current Performer. 99 $34. Jun 01, 2009 · Moroso also offer an aluminum 1-inch open 4500 carburetor spacer. 4. thicknesses in both open and ported plenum designs Jul 14, 2003 · And, yes, the top side (carburetor mount side) looked like any other four-hole spacer for a standard Holley flange. Our plastic Super Sucker carb spacers are intended for drag race use only. Jul 28, 2015 · In Test 2 here, the baseline is once again 849 cfm for a bare carb. It might be worth a horsepower or two. Details 1/4^ ALUM. Each one of our 4-hole and open spacers are precision bored to match carburetor base plates for a precise fit. They can also move the torque and power-band down in the RPM range. Nov 18, 2010 · 4 hole spacers do better for low end gains, whereas open spacers lend themselves to better top end numbers. There is no way to tell and you never know what will be best until they have been run on the engine. Since I was upgrading to a 680cfm Quick Fuel RPM air-Gap intake on our 5. When we see a gain with a spacer we like to figure out if it was because of the increased plenum,improved manifold traffic,improved signal to carb etc,WE like shear plates and in most cases find more power with a properly working shear plate and manifold modifications. 4-hole tapered design, ports taper from 1. 302 Ford-Speedmaster Dual Plane vs Wilson 4-Hole Spacer Having run the open spacer on the Speedmaster dual-plane intake, we decided to also try the 4-hole variety. com. We found that when your cylinder heads are flow limited (ported '70 castings), there wasn't but a 5 hp difference from the worst to the best. The 4-hole spacer Bolt on performance gains with this Holley Aluminum 1 Inch Carburetor Spacer. 040 over 8. EDELBROCK 2696 Since either of the 2731 and 2732 adapters are only 0. Sep 29, 2012 · The final spacer in this test is a 2” tall ‘tapered’ spacer. Call for custom made applications to fit as needed: 316-775-7771 CHI heads and this was backed up on the dyno. This is accomplished by keeping the air and fuel flowing in more of a column, which increases the air velocity. In dyno testing we are 6100 355. 29 $ 24. Super Sucker carb spacers increase torque, horsepower, and throttle response. They're available in 1/2 in. As a rule of thumb a 4-hole designed spacer (4 individual holes one under each barrel of your carburetor) will increase your throttle response, and acceleration. For our third round of testing we switched to unported iron Advanced plastic and phenolic compounds are specially formulated to reduce heat conductivity 10 times greater than aluminum Reducing fuel temperature inside the carburetor results in a denser, more powerful fuel charge to the manifold Insulating phenolic spacers come pre-drilled for alignment pins and Nos. TECH INFO: new LM4 5. but on the super sucker wouldn't the taper have an issue with fuel hitting the ledge of the carb pad on the intake. plate this past Sunday. I've found a couple hp gain with a spacer. And even Edelbrock recommends using the open spacer on the Victor Jr. They are designed to increase low speed velocity and signal to the carb (like a 4 hole), but also add some phlenum volume (like an open). I have been using a one inch four hole spacer below a A stupid question about carb spacers. For use with a 4150-style carb the four-hole Super Sucker–style spacer seems to work best. Posted by Donald Powell on Jun 4th 2019 . The Perfomrer required a spacer for throttle clearance so was tested only with 1" spacers. I made one from a standard 1" 4 hole spacer and it seems to make a difference. 4 holes help at low to mid rpm. Allstar Performance ALL25987 4150 2" Tapered 4-Hole Hi-Flow Carburetor Spacer: engine(499 Chevy) which liked a 4 hole 1 inch spacer best on the dyno. 7% of the street cars out there. This swap is increasingly becoming popular, but no one has actually tested the merits or demerits beyond, what I will refer to as the “Butt Dyno”. This is achieved because they increase the airflow through the carburetor by creating a smooth transition from the barrels of the carburetor to the mounting flange on the intake manifold. We already have a 650D-pumper. Have lots of dyno time with spacers ,One engine Shock Rebuild And Dyno; Steel Fabrication; Welding; / CARB PLATES and SPACERS. RET. Dyno-proven over 40hp gain on a 383 CID SBC! (15hp better than a 1” open spacer). $27. Part# 6009 $40. RPM air-Gap intake on our 5. Most of the less expensive spacers are made to fit a 1-11/16 throttle as used on a 4779 etc but not a 950HP as used on this engine. American made. Aug 21, 2014 · The newest Super Sucker carburetor spacer in their lineup (SS4150-. Showing 1 - 14 of 14. The 2696 is intended for Quadrajet and Thermo-Quad intakes, but since it has 4-holes, some people use it as an aluminum 4-hole spacer. Here's a Mr. Carburetor Throttle Shaft Bushing; Holley Fuel Lines; Metering Blocks; Rebuild kits; Rochester 2G Parts. A standard 850 cfm Holly carburetor at full throttle position was placed on a special carburetor stand attached to a Superflow 1020 flow bench with a set pressure drop of 20. Using an open spacer on these types of intake manifolds can compromise the effectiveness of such designs, and reduce bottom-end and midrange performance. On a dual plane intake I would only use an open spacer. res. Mounts to a 4150-style intake Nov 12, 2015 · carb spacer - if you are just concerned about heat transfer change to a phenolic, plastic, canvas type that will not transfer heat - come in different thickness. This is the purpose of this review and evaluation. Metering Jets; Rochester 2G Rebuild Kit; Rochester Quadrajet Parts. I went from a 1" AED Birchwood open spacer that netted me 9 horse on the dyno to a 2" Wilson Manifolds 004150 4 hole tapered spacer which netted me 30 horse on the dyno. The tapered spacer starts out as a four hole spacer on the top and transitions to a wide  20 Jan 2020 I used the ProForm Trackside spacer kit which comes with three 1" spacers; open , four hole, and four hole tapered. Speedway Aluminum Open 4-Barrel Carburetor Spacer, 4 Inch made by Speedway Motors, for as low as $59. 00" 4 Hole Spacers. . Our selection includes 2 and 4 barrel items, carburetor mounting studs, and restrictor plates. Maybe I should try that 4-hole spacer that he has. :fan: Some users of the Sniper EFI have reported that using a 4-hole spacer or thick gasket (at least a . This results in lowering the overall temperatures of the carburetor and fuel bowls for optimum performance. Part of the reason for a spacer working well so often is that the carb CFM falls short of the requirement, especially with a 4150-style carb. kinda like a missed matched port. In every case we have used one on an engine on our dyno it has helped all around power w/o hurting torque or HP. What worked on the CHI as far as timing (32 degrees) and carburetor spacer (4 hole 1 inch) also worked the best on the Pro Comp heads. HVH Super Sucker Carburetor Spacer, Lightweight 1" re: 4 hole or open spacer torino501 on July 10th 2018, 5:09 pm Ok I totally believe yall. Browse a bunch of 602 Crate and comparable listings available on sale this week. OPEN CARB SPACER - Black Anodized 1/4" 4 HOLE This is the full package from Willy's Carbs for a 602. Goodwin Competition, Advanced Merge Carb Spacer, 4150/4160, 4 Barrel, 2 4-Hole From the top name of professional head porting comes these new billet aluminum carb spacers. Available in 1/2″, 1″ and 2″ sizes for 4150 and 4500 series carburetors. Nov 29, 2009 · 750 carb, spacer or no spacer. Jun 14, 2015 · 2" or 1" carb spacer ! I have some custom built spacers that go as high as 4 inches for dyno testing. The open design spacers increase plenum volume for improved upper rpm power, while 4-hole designs increase mixture velocity for improved low-speed and mid-range torque. Browse carb adaptors and spacers for sale at Day Motor Sports. 00" Tapered Example: Carb Spacer Dyno Test by Camren Beattie This '64 Falcon has a 9. There are items in your cart, are you sure you want to leave this website? You can return at any time. 4 305. Sep 09, 2015 · The slots in the carburetor port cause the air and fuel to atomize better to create a more combustible fuel mixture. Might be worth looking » 604 Crate Engine Package w/650 Carburetor Specs (GAS) affordable dirt car financing. Baseline for Edelbrock Performer intake A 4-hole spacer can also help make up for something in the intake tract being larger than optimal (too large of a carburetor, cam, intake, etc. 97, 3/4 closed 7. )between open and four-hole spacers, on my particular setup. 4 hole spacer helps strengthen the carb signal and allows it to pull from the boosters more smoothly and evenly. if the engine seam like it needs more intake volume and more signal you can use both . Wilson 1. The tapered spacer saw the performance improve again to the tune of 415HP and 401 ft/lbs torque. If I take a 600cfm Edelbrock Performer carb, put it on an open 2" spacer, with multiple gaskets at the bottom to keep the heat from going into the carb, and put in on a dual plane Performer 289 intake, will the "open" of the spacer affect performance on the "dual plane" of the intake? I've heard of people cutting off the top flange from an old intake manifold and using that as a spacer too. 5:1 302 with 289 heads, an E303 cam advanced 2 degrees, and a Typhoon manifold with an old Holley 600cfm vacuum secondary carburetor. if you want some extra bottom end performance run a Trans-Dapt 2584 that is aluminum 4 hole with swirl grooves. 29 $34. 91 Dec 17, 2012 · Whenever I do dyno testing I always run the engine 4 ways, no spacer, 1 inch 4 hole, 1 inch HVH merge and 1 inch open. if you were to put a Jun 01, 2009 · Moroso also offer an aluminum 1-inch open 4500 carburetor spacer. OPEN HOLE   Allstar Carb Spacer 4500 4 Hole 1. Here is a summary of what was dyno tested on a pair of iron intakes. The reason is that on a dual plane only half of the carb feeds each bank of cylinders. 390 Carb Spacer - 1. open 10-14-03 11:00 AM - Post# 317136 In response to vabeach56wagon Well, here you go-I tested my car on dyno w/ Victor Jr intake- w/ a Phenolic open 1" spacer & a 4 holer. » 604 Crate Engine Package w/650 Carburetor Specs (GAS) affordable dirt car financing. 6 lb-ft at 4,500 rpm. On a ECZ-B four hole intake, the 2” four hole spacer had lower peak and average numbers than when using a 2” tapered carb spacer. 630 HOLE. Go figure. In my testing, the Performer RPM lost a good bit of midrange torque with the open spacer on the 410HP 428 Cobra Jet dyno mule, as compared to the four hole spacer, and did not gain any top end horsepower. we took an opportunity to test a 1-inch open carburetor spacer as well as a Alpha Finned Spacers, with their revolutionary design , are CNC machined out of Billet Aluminum and are designed to efficiently dissipate heat from the intake manifold before the heat can transfer up into the carburetor. The 4-hole spacer The dyno mule is the well used, tried and proven +060 over 312 with a Crower Monarch 238@050 camshaft ground on 110° lobe centers, a Mummert aluminum intake with a carb spacer, and a 750cfm Holley carb. The 4-hole spacers tend to better handle reversionary effects, but this is somewhat dependent on the design of the 4-hole spacer. 25" thick), has helped with the noise that's sometime present at different throttle blade angles. Available in aluminum and heat-insulating phenolic or wood fiber, these Edelbrock carb spacers are just what you need to insulate or tune your carburetor/manifold powerband. The shape of each adapter is designed to work with the shape of specific intake manifold plenums. 1/4^ 4 HOLE CARB SPACER. We tested the adj. HVH Super Sucker and the Wilson tapered spacers are the most common. $36. Re: carb spacers I use a 4 hole Phenolic spacer under the 850 carb on my Holley Street Dominator single plane intake. $24. About 10 to 15 ft-lbs is typical. Getting the carb IN TUNE is probably worth 10-20 times the gains you'll see from putting a spacer under it!!! A O2 sensor and some datalogging may be 20x the cost, but will probably yiekd 10-20x the results of stuffing a spacer under a un-tuned carb. Willy's Carburetor & Dyno Shop Adjustable Restrictor Plate. only mods for the baseline run is the dyno headers and intake, tuned on Holley Dominator EFI on pump gas. Petelle tells us that although it is specifically designed to increase torque for the GM 604 crate motor, this spacer will also work on any engine running a 4150 style carburetor needing more bottom end and midrange torque. Carb parts. Phenolic Carburetor Spacers at Competition Products! Phenolic Carb Spacer, Std. Below is an example of the spacers Wilson makes, they are also made by other companies. Using a small block Chevy "mule motor", they'll bolt on a low profile, aluminum intake manifold and 600cfm carb and compare horsepower and torque numbers against Summit® carb spacers offer many advantages. 84 / EA. 5AL) is just a half inch tall. Jul 17, 2017 · After replacing the open spacer with the 1-inch, 4-hole design, the peak torque once again remained at 370 lb-ft, but it occurred back at 4,300 rpm. This is on an iron headed 408 SBC with a 2975 Vic Jr. 250 Bore. We started @ 6. 9 to 1 440 with 850 mech. Notes WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, sulfur, nickel, chromium, vanadium, titanium, polyvinyl chloride, and 4,4’-methylenebis (2-chloroaniline), which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. the current Performer. 700 R-4 TV Cable Brackets; Holley Carburetor Parts. The advanced phenolic laminate transfers approximately ten times less heat to the carburetor resulting in cooler denser fuel/air mixtures. 3, exactly the same as the typical LM7 that came in the 99-06 Silverado, but with an aluminum block. Known primarily for exhaust headers, engine mounts, carburetor spacers and adapters, and chrome and aluminum customizing accessories, these two pioneering companies have 1000's of components to help your GM, Ford or MOPAR car or truck run stronger and look cooler. It sounds as though you were only looking for a heat insulator, and for that purpose your choice was spot on. Learn more. 0. Just a little rich, but I decided to leave it that way for the protection of the engine. 9. The primary difference between open and 4-hole is that the open spacers increase plenum volume substantially, whereas the 4-holes do not (relatively). We offer the most complete line of 4-Hole Tapered spacers in 390, 4150, 4500, Q-Jet & 2bbl adapters to provide the high performance consumer with the ability to tune their engine for the maximum performance for any application. I used this spacer on a customer's engine(499 Chevy) which liked a 4 hole 1 inch spacer best on the dyno. Some guys make their own out of wood And use a 4-hole gasket directly under the carb regardless of what spacer configuration you have. Both versions will act as a heat barrier between the manifold and carburetor to keep the fuel in the float bowls cooler, as we Powered by X-Cart shopping cart software New Racing Parts and Equipment - Dirt and Asphalt Racing Apr 19, 2013 · Your spacer has another set of throttles in it? On the dyno, I have seen the change from 1 hole to 4 hole spacer do exactly what you experienced. Hedman Hedders & Trans-Dapt Performance Products are two of the hot rod industries original manufacturers, dating way back to 1954. The 4 hole spacer is more likely to cause the carburetor to need recalibration than the open spacer in my limited experience. The first spacer to be flow tested is of a not-so-common 2-inch-thick, “four round to two oval” hole design. Bolt Hole Pattern: It's out with the little old 307 Example: Carb Spacer Dyno Test by Camren Beattie This '64 Falcon has a 9. 65" to 1. I went with the 1" four hole because it would still let the carb fit under the hood and I figured it might help the low end. OPEN CARB SPACER - Black Anodized 1/4" 4 HOLE AFR lightweight Phenolic carburetor spacers for 4150 style carbs are available in an 1" thick open or tapered four hole version. The spacers used for the comparison were the 1" Wilson Tapered Spacer, 1" Super-Sucker, 1" Jomar (4) hole, 1" Jomar open spacer and the 1" Jomar Powercone. The Perfomrer required a spacer for throttle clearance. ) Open Spacers. Note the flow went from 849 to 937 for a whopping 88 cfm increase. In another dyno test (#6), similar results were seen. As a rule of thumb an open designed spacer (1 big hole underneath your carburetor) will decrease your throttle response, and acceleration. Much better specially if you are running juice. com Location: 835 Route 100 Bechtelsville, PA 19505 Preview and Inspections: Saturday March 7th and Friday March 13th 9am Polymer Racing Products introduces the worlds first carburetor spacer featuring Dimple Technology. In fact, make a carburetor that was totally non-functional with the open spacer run good enough for it’s owner with the 4 hole. Flange (4150/4160), 1 4-Hole, Phenolic Carb Spacer, Std. Aug 31, 2006 · A four-hole spacer uses holes that are the same diameter or slightly larger than the carburetor's venturis with no taper or angle to the walls. About 40% gained with a merge one and less then 10% have either not gained nothing or gained very little with the 4-hole one. 40 TracLoc. $59. either one can be We have had guys dyno tune their engines for the correct height of Mar 01, 2002 · The carb spacer designed and built by HVH is called the "Super Sucker. That and it has 4 holes rather then one hole, more is always better. Mar 15, 2013 · It is always (in most cases) recommended to use only divided or 4-Hole style spacers on dual-plane intakes. Since I was upgrading to a 680cfm Quick Fuel "Bang for the Buck" Dyno Testing Parts Combo Power Gains The HorsePower hosts kick off a new, on-going series using their new DTS engine dyno to test performance parts combinations. Edited by Ken_Parkman - Feb the best products for your car Home; Featured Products; Shipping; About Us; Contact; Horsepower Connection; Shopping Cart: QUICK FUEL TECHNOLOGY. 8 out of 5 stars 25. 5" whereas upper rpm (4500+) likes an open spacer up to 3". Cafferty Motorsports Oct. There are situations where each type spacer is generally better Home-Fuel Systems-Carb Spacer Plates. 4-hole aluminum spacer between my 650 DP and RPM intake, no problems. 99. Browse our other Carburetor Accessories here Flow Design carburetor spacers are CNC machined for optimum fuel distribution at high velocities. 4-Hole Flange Gasket - Non-Stick 2. Baseline for Edelbrock sure, the carb has 4 holes so your just just making the carb flange thicker by using a 4-hole spacer. Have lots of dyno time with spacers ,One engine Patterson Elite's own CNC Machined Aluminum Carb Spacer. Engine builders on the BBF sites say dyno testing shows it worked better than either a plain 4 hole or open spacer. And that was a test between a 1/2" 4 hole, a 1/2" open, a 1" open, and a 1" 4 hole. Note: Intake is actually the earlier F-351 4V version but appears identical to. 71". 1” thick, it won’t add any significant amount of height if you are worried about hood clearance. Tapered spacers can offer the best of both worlds-increasing torque, horsepower, and acceleration over the whole RPM range. 00. Dyno tends to show improvement, but this is not always the case. I've decided carb flow numbers are a bit of a marketing game - tracked a huge variation in 750 carbs, even within the same manufacturer. Jul 26, 2012 · Our 383's baseline dyno pull using no spacer netted 395. 2" of water We see similar results in Big Blocks. 00in ALL25994. Most of the dyno tests I've seen decide a 4 hole for performer and performer rpm applications. 90 (1/8th mile) full open. 7 horsepower at 5,700 rpm, and a peak torque of 391. Shock Rebuild And Dyno; Steel Fabrication; Welding; / CARB PLATES and SPACERS. On my 40HP, I needed to space my carb up when I put a 12V generator in there, and at that time the shop I worked at, we had a box of new rigid/reinforced carb gaskets, and a stack of those worked good for to space the carb up. 1/4" 4 HOLE CARB SPACER · MFG: BICKNELL RACING PRODUCTS. 1" ALUM. Edelbrock RPM intake and heads(not ported) on a . The bathtub side goes over the side of the plenum with the high step and the 2 hole side goes over the side with the lower step. We tried all sorts of different spacers on KK's car while it was strapped to the dyno. 050" on both intake and exhaust TECH INFO: new LM4 5. com are used for everything from air cleaner clearance to fine tuning the torque curve of your engine. 1" open hole carb spacer, COME custom solid lifter flat tappet camshaft with 262 degrees duration @. We offer the most complete line of 4-Hole . Carb spacers used to be a "black magic" sort of affair. The cheapest bolt on horsepower you’ll buy! Proven horse power gains on the dyno and track. Mounts to a 4150-style intake I recently did some testing (seat o' the pants only, no dyno or track. Here is my HVH tapered 4-hole with a window. 025″ in the holes. These Edelbrock carburetor spacers allow you to space your carburetor above the intake flange to increase plenum area for more torque and horsepower. man, these little cartoon things are neat. 12 & full closed 7. A tapered 4-hole spacer can provide the best of both worlds performer rpm intakes require a special unit that has a window machined into it designed to enhance cross-flow across the divider. At least with a spacer you have 1 more gasket in the stack to block the heat than with no spacer. There is no given rule, every engine should be tested with several spacers, but in very generic terms, I use the tallest spacer I can get away with on performance applications. cant wait to tune it and dyno it Back to spacers. To install the later manifold and actually find out what it will do on a dyno and what messes you get into with this conversion. Again, in my opinion, if you are building a mild street motor with a 180 manifold, use a 4-hole spacer and experiment with spacer height. RE Suspension has our roots in understanding advanced auto racing suspension technology, shocks and springs for asphalt racing, road racing and drag racing. your friend on the DTBB, George We recently spent a couple of days dyno-testing several different rocker-arm ratios on our 470-inch Mopar big-block. 4 barrel carburetor to 4 barrel manifold with tapered bore, lightened $150; We do not have straight spacers in stock because “straight is straight” and this design is so readily available; however, we strongly recommend using a spacer that is billet aluminum as opposed to phenolic or plastic which can warp with heat and moisture. Oct 01, 2012 · The dyno data in the graph below was the average from three individual runs on the Dyno track, both before and after installation. I have been using a one inch four hole spacer below a A 4-hole spacer will generally improve part throttle operation and help build low and midrange torque, while an open spacer increases plenum volume, adding midrange and top end horsepower. Carburetor Base Plate Gasket - 4-Barrel - 4 Hole - Reusable - Composite - Dominator Flange - Each 383ci Holden V8 Ultimate carb. In addition, aluminum spacers can be machined in interesting shapes – open designs to maximize plenum volume, or 4-hole tapered designs intended to improve distribution and strengthen the vacuum signal to the carb. The bottom end is still pretty much stock with ECZ rods and cast pistons that are sitting 0. I spin the engine to 6000 rpm at the track, power fell off at 5500 rpm on the dyno with a 1" open spacer. If you saw an improvement with the carb, you probably will with the throttle body. Incorporates the same attributes of the standard 4 Hole Tapered spacer, but additionally, this spacer incorporates a compou. Generally, they help to build low- and mid-range Aug 30, 2015 · 4 holes and merge spacers definetely have their place and numerous people have gained with them, but I would say that 50% of people that have gained with a spacer on the dyno as been an open one. Notes: Check out Moroso's carburetor adapter plate (PN 65000) in a 2-inch-thick, single-hole design. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING 1" DUAL SPRG. It's backed by an AOD and 2800 stall. Larger plenums = higher RPM power curves (less low RPM torque). Carburetor Spacer Style: 4-Hole. Busy today, fitted the cycle speedo, discovered a broken seat hinge, new ones are in the post. Open spacers help at high rpms. Picture looks like whats hanging on our dyno room wall,X2 on what G code posted. 12 and HVH SS4150-604 Super Sucker 604 Carburetor 4-Hole Spacer,5/8 Inch. i'll give some cases, if the intake is to small in volume then you would use a open hole or if your not getting enough signal under the carb then you could go with a 4 hole. If you're just looking for some isolation between carb and intake, Edelbrock has a kit that puts a 1/8" steel plate between the carb and intake with gaskets above and below the spacer. Toggle menu. Chesterton, IN There is a spacer that starts out as a 4 hole & tapers into an open spacer. secondary carb, the older Comp 274XE cam and 1-7/8 headers. which hvh carb spacer Apr 17, 2012 · Performer with 4 Hole 1 Inch Spacer 950 HP dyno carb, Pantera GTS headers and Magnaflow mufflers. SKU: WIL011X11. A slight additional gain may also be seen by using a Phenolic (insulating) spacer. The intake and the spacer were worth 27 hp over a couple others. If that sounds almost unbelievable, let me explain why the gain was so substantial. Locate 602 Crate in stock and ready for shipping right now on the internet! Will post these dyno sheets this week. from past experience, lower rpm (under 4500) likes a 4 hole carb space at most 1. They'll also help with linkage clearance when using custom throttle setups. intake. We have a huge selection of aluminum, phenolic and wood carburetor spacers for popular 4150 and 4500 Holley style, Quadrajet and Edelbrock carburetors. 1" tall. hibid. B: the 4 hole adds air speed C: the open injector plate increases plenum volume & I read on a nascar forum that at WOT (wide open throttle) just under the carb is an area of confused air so they said this is why a taperd spacer works so well by channeling flow, plus adding to plenum volume Dyno testing shows the Polymer Racing Products carburetor spacer with Dimple Technology has shown as much as 28Hp & 30ft-lb gain compared to a very popular four hole smooth tapered CNC machined aluminum spacer of same thickness. They extend the length of the intake mixture column to improve air/fuel distribution and reduce the fuel temperature inside the carb, resulting in a denser, more powerful fuel charge. The best pull with the Pro Comps was 378 HP and 381 lbs-ft of torque (397 HP and 400 ft-lbs corrected). When you set the carb up on a spacer you actually feed both banks whith entire carb. This 2-In-1 Carburetor Spacer Kit Fits Holley Carter and Quadrajet Carburetors with 4-Hole Center and Phenolic Thermoset Plastic and Aluminum. The tapered spacer starts out as a four hole spacer on the top and transitions to a wide open cavity on its bottom matching the outer open dimensions of the intake carb opening. 950 HP dyno carb, Pantera GTS headers and Magnaflow mufflers. Mar 09, 2010 · We just finished a super late model circle track engine at my shop, and to my surpise when it was on the engine dyno we put a 2 1/2 inch spacer( top has circles but bottom side fanned out) and it put out 9 more horse and 11ft lbs, now this is on a 550hp motor so on a normal motor probly wont be so much, but we were all surpised by the gain. 2/20 Justin's and Jonas' F7 and MXZ800 trial stockers Justin's F757 w/ BMP mod stock single with no tuning made 160 (very lean 04 ecu) added wet N2O tuned N2O jets to add 40hpJonas' MXZ800 made 138 stock added 4 hp to 142 with Dynoport single then added 32 hp with a safely tuned wet N2O system. carby spacers, do they genuinely work? My statesman only runs a very mild VN headed 308 at the moment, but want to rebuild after the end of the season, when the weather goes a bit crappy, and hope fully come out for gazzanats. The spacer or gasket must be a 4-hole, an open bore gasket does not seem to help. An open spacer is a tuning device for an open plenum intake. Carburetor Flange Type: 4-Barrel Square Bore 2015 without spacer had a dyno run that provided an average torqe of 417. Using advanced merge technology to create proper flow from your carburator in to the manifold plenum for the ultimate in performance. At half closed we went 6. 3, 2008 - Went over to Silas Rogers house and pulled a couple of plugs to see how the engine was running. Carb spacers only do one thing, increase the size of the plenum area of the intake manifold. but go for a 4 hole one inch spacer to give you more low end instead of the open plenium spacer. 91 I used this spacer on a customer's engine(499 Chevy) which liked a 4 hole 1 inch spacer best on the dyno. 604 Crate Engine w/650 Carb (GAS) Modifieds. Improved low-end torque and throttle response. oddly obsessed with big scoops on little Mustangs 65 coupe 351w C4 Big Boss 429 hood scoop,8" 3. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Nov 22. on a single plane either will work, but the 4 hole spacer will give a stronger vacuum signal to the circuits in the carburetor. 1-888-900-0364. For our third round of testing we switched to unported iron A general rule of thumb is that a 4 hole spacer will show a slight improvement in bottom end torque while an open spacer might produce a bit more top end power. said he picked up 18hp on the dyno with a 2"/4-hole Super Sucker vs no spacer. so was tested only with 1″ spacers. Electric Choke Kits Introducing our latest innovation in Phenolic Carburetor spacers; The Jomar Power Cone TM. info@cndperformance. The car was dynoed at  15 Jun 2018 By raising the carburetor higher, there is more time for the fuel to Yet as Wilson points out, a spacer may not show anything on the dyno at full throttle, but in the real Four-hole spacers help build low- and midrange torque. BRP9095. However, in this test the 6 pack did not show up quite as well. The thinking was the 4-hole might improve power production at the top of the rev range like the open version, but without sacrificing so much torque below 4,500 rpm. the best products for your car Home; Featured Products; Shipping; About Us; Contact; Horsepower Connection; Shopping Cart: Canadian Dollars, No Duties, Large Inventory, Fast Shipping. 64930 and 64940 include all mounting Sep 30, 2010 · Some classes of racing require aluminum if spacers are used, and Canton has those covered as well. Boost performance and driveability for all major 4150/4160 style carburetors such as Holley, Demon, Edelbrock, etc. But the bottom (intake manifold side) was far different than anything we had seen before. Using an open spacer will turn your 180 manifold into a 360 (open plenum) manifold and move the sweet spot higher in the rpm range, away from streetability. 18. The peak power output checked in at 399 hp, meaning the 4-hole fine-tuned a little extra low-speed torque than the open, but was missing the extra top-end power. Patched the pinhole leak in the fuel tank using 2 sticks of juicy fruit chewing gum, put a scant amount of fuel in the tank and bungeed a plastic spare can on the back of the seat , the bungee h Truck Tools and Toys Online Auction - bidding closes March 13th 7:00pm View the catalog and bid online at geyerauctions. If you have a 4500 series intake, an open spacer often works best. it will make a small but noticeable difference in power. 4150 4-hole blends to open (IMCA Modified). Dynoed crate 604: Turn key dyno tuned package: *GM CT400 “604” Complete Crate Engine *Custom CMC HP650 gauge legal Competition Carb *Wehrs 4-hole Carb Spacer *Crane Fire Wire Plug Wire Set Sep 25, 2012 · The original ½” four hole spacer was used under the carbs in those instances where the carb bores were not too large for the spacer. Throttle Body; Throttle Body Spacer; Performance Carburetors. What do you guys think? I'm thinkin that if the power falls off at 5500 rpm even with a 1" open spacer, i'm probably going to get an overall better torque curve with a 1" 4-hole spacer. All spacers are dyno tested, so the high performance enthusiast can fine-tune their engine for maximum performance. 7 to 1 and a little more cam liked the open 1 inch spacer on a Super Vic CNC intake. This one fit and worked perfectly. CHI heads and this was backed up on the dyno. Carb spacers are well known to improve air/fuel distribution. 4150 x 1. Where the carburetor bores were too large, the spacer was changed out to either a 1” Moroso or Wilson four hole spacer with matching larger bores. Since the carb is probably a hair big for us & the intake is rated to pull 6500, what about putting a 4-hole spacer under the carb? I was reading a carb book and it said that 4-hole spacers will help the velocity of a large carb and normally pick up low-mid range power. Flange (4150/4160), 1 Open I spin the engine to 6000 rpm at the track, power fell off at 5500 rpm on the dyno with a 1" open spacer. All of the plugs were consistently the same amount of richness. Re: 4 hole carb spacer vs. Dynoed crate 604: Turn key dyno tuned package: *GM CT400 “604” Complete Crate Engine *Custom CMC HP650 gauge legal Competition Carb *Wehrs 4-hole Carb Spacer *Crane Fire Wire Plug Wire Set Throttle Bodies & Spacers. Sep 30, 2010 · Some classes of racing require aluminum if spacers are used, and Canton has those covered as well. Mr Gasket Phenolic Carb Spacer Quadra-Jet Flange - 4-Hole. Transitioning into the intake at the carb holes does not seem to be the key here. See below for dyno results. 24 (4) Ships Today Lowest Price Guarantee. Carburetor Spacers from PitStopUSA. Specially designed for drag race applications to isolate carburetor from manifold, spacers prevent  Wilson Manifolds tapered spacers will increase torque, horsepower and acceleration throughout the entire RPM range. four hole spacers do the opposite. In all honesty, and for 99. and 1 in. Phenolic spacer fits Holley 4-barrel carbs. The host provides some dyno numbers. The phenolic plastic style carb spacer also insulates your carb from excessive engine heat. Dyno testing shows the Polymer Racing Products carburetor spacer with Dimple Technology has shown as much as 28Hp & 30ft-lb gain compared to a very popular four hole smooth tapered CNC machined aluminum spacer of same thickness. Dyno test data before Volant Throttle Body Spacer iunstall After installing the TBS, Rob’s Tundra had a peak horsepower of 287 and a peak torque of 301 . The 4 hole spacers can help an open plenum intake too, but are a necessity for someone not wanting to change the tuning of a 2 plane intake. Look at our Dyno test #3. One of the new fads in carb spacers is the tapered spacer. Wilson Manifolds tapered spacers will increase torque, horsepower and acceleration throughout the entire RPM range. #5 05-23-2006, 01:45 AM SlickVic22 If you saw an improvement with the carb, you probably will with the throttle body. OPEN CARB SPACER - Black Anodized 1/4" 4 HOLE 2" Thick 4 Hole Phenolic carb spacer for 4150/4160 style carburetors CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. My motor liked the open one waaay more. 5" 4 Hole to open. " While at first glance it looks like a conventional four-hole spacer, a closer inspection reveals that it is a long way away each spacer does a different thing,the super suckers work but only if you use the right spacer from the job. Performer with 4 Hole 1 Inch Spacer. Flow Design spacers have been dyno tested, flow tested and race proven. Contrary to what you are asking== I find that a one inch open spacer will be a nice improvement in 80 % of the engines I have run on the dyno== The 4 hole or tapered 4 hole only works once in a while= The 4 hole spacers usually FEEL better on the street AT PART throttle, but do not make more power at full throttle Spectre Performance 5764 Universal 4-Hole/Open Carburetor Spacer. 4 hole carb spacer dyno

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